We wanted to share some of the nice comments that we received from some of our past guests. We appreciate them taking the time to let us know how we did. It was our pleasure to have them at the show and to bring them out to meet their fans in the St. Louis area.



Writer of Wonder Woman, Secret Six, Birds of Prey, Action Comics, Deadpool, Agent X, The All New Atom and more.

“I really wanted to thank the two of you for everything you did to make us feel so welcome. I know it’s only your second con, but I have been at many long, long-running conventions that handled things much less well than you guys.You took fantastic care of your guests, you worked very hard for the retailers, and the attendees seemed really happy. You planned big and made it work, and it was really a great deal of fun. I know it will only get bigger and better from here.”


Artist of Action Comics, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, The Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate X-men, and more.

“I had a terrific time in St. Louis thanks to you and your staff.
I can’t think of any suggestions for improving…everything went smoothly.”


Co-Founder of Image Comics, Founder of Shadowline Comics, Artist and/or Writer of ShadowHawk, Guardians of the Galaxy, What If? A Touch of Silver, normalman.

 You guys were extremely nice and I enjoyed meeting all of you.

The fans I met were great as well.


Legendary Writer and editor of Comic Titles such as: Green Lantern, Batman, The Shadow, The Question, Iron Man, Shazam, Superman, Daredevil, The Amazing Spider-man, World’s Finest Comics, Justice League of America, and many, many more.

Thanks to everyone for the great time! The place was lovely and everyone was so friendly.

The St. Louis fans were wonderful.

Thanks Steve and Jeff for accommodating us.
We’ll look forward to visiting the St. Louis Con again.” – Denny’s wife Marifran


Artist of Action Comics, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Velocity, Madame Mirage, Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer.“This will be my first convention acceptance of 2012!”

Artist of Supergirl, Firestorm, New Warriors.“…you guys did a great job with your last show. “

Artist of X-23, Uncanny X-Men, Tomb Raider, Thor, Spirit of the Tao, New Avengers, Shadowland.“I thought you guys did  a good job for your first show.”

Writer of Chaos War, Incredible Hercules, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Zombies, X-Men Noir, Spider-Man Noir, Wolverine: First Class, Iron Man Legacy, and more.I had a wonderful time and had a great time at the show. You guys treated me great.”

Artist of Lady Mechanika, Wraithborn, Titans, Weapon Zero, The Magdalena, The Darkness, Executive Assistant Iris.I would really like to go again.”

Writer and/or Artist of Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Irredeemable Ant Man, Green Hornet, The Anchor, Black Terror,  The Wretch, The Darkness, Negative Burn, and lots more.“You guys were great hosts…”

Artist of Superman Adventures, She-Hulk, Batman: Gotham Adventures, Action Comics Blackhawk, Batman Adventures.“I’d love to return for this year’s show.  I had a great time last year, and was impressed at how well the show was run.Many of the pros I talked to felt the same way, and said they’d be glad to come back if asked.I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up.”

Writer of The Sixth Gun, The Damned, Deadpool, Fear Itself: The Deep, Fear Itself: FF, Fear Itself: Black Widow. “Project Comic Con was a blast! I’m already looking forward to next year!

Inker of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Daredevil, Fear Agent, El DiabloWriter of Capote in Kansas, Green Hornet, Kato, Green Hornet: BloodTies, The Lone Ranger & Zorro: The Death of Zorro.“I had a good time, and would like to attend again.”

Artist of G.I. Joe, Heroes, Heroes for Hire, Amazing Spider-Man, Savage She-Hulk, Ultimate Fantastic Four: Requiem, Snake Eyes: Declassified.“I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed that show. …if this show keeps going like it has, it will be the midwest show to go to!”

Creator of Mini-Marvels, and Creator of G-Man.“Really enjoyed Project Comic Con! Thanks to Jeff and Steve and their staff and volunteers for putting a great show together, and to all of my fellow artists and attendees that made it so much fun!”

Artist of Legion of Super Heroes, Classic X-Men, The Flash, Marvel Comics Presents, Tales of the Legion and more.“Thanks to all the great folks who organized and volunteered to work Project: Comic Con. Marianne and I enjoyed being made to feel comfortable and welcome.” 

And of course what’s a show without it’s core element…the fans. Here are a few of the comments that we’ve received from them.

“Great show guys! Thanks for putting it on! Had a great time…cant wait til next year!” - Nathan O.

“Fantastic show! This will be a show I attend every year from here on out! Keep up the awesome work guys/gals!” - Corey A.

“Can’t wait for next year!” - Jeff Ritter

Jeff Ritter also published a review of our show and his personal experiences with the guests over at www.the-trades.com. You can read his full report here.

“Outstanding time. Denny O’Neil was great to listen to & even better to talk to. Thanks for such a great show!” - Brandon Mudd

“PROJECT:Comic Con was a BLAST! BIG TIME thanks to Jeff Morris and all of the other amazing people who put it together. One convention and I think we are hooked….” - HeadMetal Comics

“IN NERD HEAVEN !!!!”Anthony Paul Brooks

“GREAT SHOW!!! Just want to say thank you for providing such a great show last weekend. I had such a great time! The vendors, costumes, artists, and panels are awesome! I hope you had a great turnout that you can do this again every year!”Martin Wirjadi

“We had a great time at the con this year! Thanks again!”The Nerdologues

“Project Comic con was fun and the hotel was great. I hope to make it again next year.”- Chuck Couch

“Thank you for an Awesome Weekend! I am Really Looking forward to next year.”- Corey Phillips

“Thanks for the great weekend at Project: Comic Con. I had a blast. This was my first time going and hopefully will be able to go to many more.”Martin Juarez

“Great time today at the Con! We will be regular attendees!”Debra Patterson

“I had an awesome time at the comic con! This was my first con ever, and it makes me want to find more to go to! I got a bunch of good comics, dressed as the Hulk the first day, had fun at the After party on Saturday, and had tons of fun! :DMatthew Munro

“Enjoyed the con. It was an honor to meet Kenneth Rocafort and to watch him draw. Really looking forward to the con next year. Thanks for a fun weekend.” - Rebecca Parisi

“Finally! A relevant comic-con in the St. Louis area! Thanks to Jeff and Steve for orchestrating the event so wonderfully! I had so much fun! :)Otis Rice

“Had a great time, met a bunch of very cool people! A big thank you to Steve for putting this show on for all of us lucky folks!”Mike Cole

“We had a blast and wanted to thank everyone that came out and also to the big guys who put it all together Jeff, Steve and the rest of the staff. :)The Dead Timez

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