I am a local artist/writer/inker/colorist and was wondering if you’d like to have me as a guest at your show?


Of course we would like to have you as a guest. What have you done? Are you published or just starting out? Chances are if you are reaching out to us to add you as a guest, your still trying to firmly establish yourself in the comics industry. This a business, so we tend to invite guests that will attract fans to the show.


But we do have a soft spot for locals and folks trying to break in. Every show we give away a few tables to locals who are still trying to get into the industry and we feature those folks on the guestlist. We wish we could afford to give everyone who wants one a free table, but the best we can do is pick a few people and rotate them. So this year you may have to buy your spot, but next year we may offer it to you.


And that’s honestly your best way to go about it. Buy your first booth and come out to the show and let us see what you got. Let us see how you interact with the fans, how they react to you. We talk to everyone we can about our cons, both during and after the show. If they are talking about you…we’ll hear about it, and next year we’ll react to it.


If you are already established in the comics industry and haven’t heard from us, then we have to ask you how easy are you to contact? Does your website list your accurate contact information? Do you respond to your e-mails and facebook messages? Jeff is our guest co-ordinator and he’s pretty fanatic about who’s in the area and how to contact them (you should see his spreadsheet!). Chances are he’s tried to reach you already.


What’s NewCastle Comic’s part in this show?


NewCastle Comics & Games is owned by Steve Falcon, Co-Owner of PROJECT:Comic Con along with Jeff Morris. PROJECT:Comic Con and NewCastle Comics & Games are separate businesses. Because Jeff wants Steve’s comic store to be as successful as possible, he always puts NewCastle Comics as an official sponsor onto everything PROJECT:Comic Con related. Otherwise Jeff Morris & PROJECT:Comic Con have no interaction with the day-to-day workings of NewCastle Comics (however it is where Jeff buys the majority of his comics at).

I am a Journalist looking to cover your event. Can I get some press passes?

If you are a member of the Press looking to cover the next PROJECT:Comic Con, please send an e-mail to Jeff Morris introducing yourself and the publication you work for. His e-mail is: jeff@projectcomiccon.com




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