Live Art After Party Hosted By The Mahfood Bros.
Food One on Live Art
DJ Mahf on the Turntables

We are very excited that this year’s After Party is gonna be seriously kicked up a notch by two of St. Louis’ own, the Mahfood Brothers.

Jim Mahfood (a.k.a. Food One), artist of MTV’s Disco Destroyer, Tank Girl, Clerks and more will be painting during the party while his brother DJ Mahf will be spinning the turntables.

Here are a couple video examples:

This first video is of a similar event Jim put on at San Diego.

And this video is of the bothers apparently just jamming in their basement.

The Party will begin at 9:00pm on Saturday Night, September 21st and will go until it breaks up.

The party will be indoors and outdoors if the weather permits.

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