Pro/Am Sketch Jam

Last year we introduced to our fans the PRO / AM Sketch Jam.

It was simply an event for artists of all levels, professional to amateur,

to sit side-by-side and sketch. 

No pressure. No judging. Just people who love to draw.

To make it interesting, we brought in live models to pose for the artists.

We were so happy with the response that we’ve decided to bring it back again this year.

To be a part of the Jam, we charge (to be determined) per seat at the door. But you can save yourself a few dollars and reserve your seat now for only (to be determined)

We use this money to cover the models expenses.

This year’s Jam will be on Friday Night September 18th, 2015 and is scheduled to begin at 6:30p and go until 9:30p.

It’s in the front room of the convention at the Westport Sheraton (downstairs). Just check in and grab a seat.

*This is intended to be a fun event for all. Harassing artists for sketches and autographs, isn’t cool. Neither is making rude or insulting comments to the models or other artists. This also is not the time to show off your portfolio trying to find work, there will be times for that during the actual convention. If someone asks to look through your portfolio that’s great, please show it off, it just shouldn’t be your sole reason for attending.

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