Costume Contest

This year’s Costume Contest is sponsored by Anime St. Louis and will be held on Saturday September 21st at 3:00p. Please register for the contest before 2pm (this is the estimated times, they may be adjusted for a later start, but they will not be adjusted for any earlier in the day).

This year’s Costume Contest will consist of 3 divisions. Everyone in a costume is welcome to enroll in the appropriate division.

Ages 9 and under division

Ages 10-17 division

Ages 18 and up

Prizes will be awarded in each division for the following catagories.

Most Original.

Best Construction/Fabrication.

Best Resemblance/Most Accurate

In addition each judge will be handing out a “Personal Favorite” prize, which could be for any one costume in any of the catagories, and it’s awarded simply because that judge thinks that cosplayer deserves it. Since there will be 4 judges, there will be 4 of these prizes.

And one final prize will be given out by all the judges for the single Best Overall costume between all 3 age catagories.

*prizes to be announced at the convention

Costume and Prop policy

Realistic guns

  • Wither replica, airsoft, painted nerf, or anything that looks like it could be a real weapon.  These items must either be incapable of firing, or in the case of airsoft, nerf, rubber band, ect no projectiles will be allowed into the convention.  Please help us remain one of the last conventions that allow these items to be displayed, be safe with them display them carefully, and no pointing them in a menacing manner neither our fellow con goers nor the local police will take kindly to it.
Prop blades, axes, hammers, ect 
  • foam, wood, plastic, any material except metal.  These items are welcome, so long as they are handled and displayed in a safe courteous manner.  So many cons have had to start restricting these items, and we don’t want to be one of them.
Real edged items 
  • Swords, knives, anything that could cut or injure someone who happens to bump into it during the convention.  The convention floor is a crowded place, so we must ask that all such items be peace bound so they cannot be drawn during the convention.  Our staff will check your binding, and be happy to assist those that have not.
  • We love costumes, and want to be sure all your hard work gets appreciated.  If you have an oversized costume, or any difficulty navigating the con space please let us know, we want to help make sure you have a great time.  Don’t forget to register for our costume contest, open to all.
  • If your costume happens to be a little too risque, consider saving it for our after parties when the little ones will be tucked away.  

Bags, backpacks, and oversize items 

  • Are all welcome at our convention.

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