These are various videos shot and posted on the net. We’ve only assembled them here. Please take some time and check out some of the other videos these good people have made available for you to watch.

A Video recap of our 3rd show.

Our guest Judge/Host/Model the Taffeta Darling reviews our convention.

Taffeta Darling interviews J.P. Roth – Author of the comic “Ancient Dreams”

Taffeta Darling interviews Angus Oblong – Creator of the TV Show “The Oblongs” and Author of the book “Creepy Suzie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children”

A video from our very first convention by one of the guys from Super Fun Patrol. With New Avengers artist Billy Tan.

A another video of our first con. This one is of Randy Stradley editor from Dark Horse Comics.

Another first con video…this one with Mike Kennedy, comic writer and video game designer.

This video is of Gary Friedrich, creator of Ghost Rider…another first con video.

The Zombie Enthusiast group ZOD made this video of their experience at our 3rd show. This video shows a lot of pictures that were taken by the fans…so we really enjoy seeing all of them.

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